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George Ezra Carrothers
Regent's Proceedings 981

George Ezra Carrothers, Ph.D., first joined the staff of the University of Michigan in 1928 as Associate Professor of Secondary Education and High School Inspector. Since 1930 he has held the title of Professor of Education and from 1931 to 1948 that of Director of the Bureau of Co-operation with Educational Institutions.

Previous to coming to this University he had studied as an undergraduate at Indiana University and as a graduate student at Columbia University and had held various positions of responsibility in Miami University, Western Reserve University, the Cleveland public school system, Ohio University, and Rollins College.

Dr. Carrothers has been a respected figure, both on our own campus and throughout the state of Michigan, during the twenty-three years of his connection with the University of Michigan. He is widely known among schoolmen both personally and through his many writings; his understanding of the practical aspects of school management has made him sympathetic to their needs, and he has therefore been an admirable representative of the University in its dealings with the local school systems and in its efforts to be of service to them. An important national committee concerned with the standards of high schools has also utilized his broad knowledge.

The Regents of the University of Michigan recognize the high value of Dr. Carrothers' activities as an officer and teacher, and, upon the attainment of his seventieth birthday, September 8, 1950, they express to him their hearty congratulations and admit him to the privileges of retirement from active duty, with the title of Professor Emeritus of Education, inviting him to avail himself of all the courtesies customarily extended to emeritus members of the faculty.