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George Allan Lindsay
The Michigan Alumnus Dec 18 1937

Many Medical Graduates Are Physicist's Former Students

 A.M. '08, Ph.D. '13, Professor
 of Physics, counts among his for
mer students almost as many physi
cians as physicists. Yet he claims 
no medical knowledge.

This in
teresting situation has come about 
through the requirement that pre-
medical students "take" a year of
 college physics and because many
 of them also have taken his course 
in X-Rays. His specialty is the 
physical nature and properties of 
X-Rays and he is thus able to pass
 on to the physician the knowledge
 he should have before he applies
 X-Ray in his profession. Professor 
Lindsay also teaches the Mechanics 
of Solids and of Fluids.

He is a
 Fellow of the American Physical
 Society and has had articles pub
lished in its official journal, the
 Physical Review, as well as in for
eign publications, such as Philo
sophical Magazine, Zeitschrijt fur
Physik, and others. He also holds
 a life membership in the American
 Astronomical Society, but declares
 this does not indicate any work done 
in that field in recent years.

He has
 studied for several periods abroad, 
 during the year 1921-1922 in
 Sweden and in Paris, and in Hol
land in 1931-1932. He taught mathe
matics and physics at Central High
 School, in Detroit, and physics at
 Washington University, in St. 
Louis, before taking a post as Instructor at the University in 1913. 

Since then he has been promoted to
 Assistant Professor and Associate 
Professor, and was made full Pro
fessor in 1936. He usually spends 
two out of three of his summers
 teaching in the Summer Session and, 
 until a year or two ago, played
 second base on the Departmental
 baseball team. When he and his wife
 take the summer off they like to 
travel by motor and by this mode
 have visited every state of the
 United States except Rhode Island.