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Frederick Franklin Blicke
Regents' Proceedings 425

Frederick Franklin Blicke, distinguished Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, is now retiring from the active faculty at the statutory age of seventy.

Professor Blicke's undergraduate schooling embraced courses of study at Culver Military Academy, The Ohio State University, the Technische Hochschule of Berlin-Charlottenburg, and The University of Michigan. His doctorate he earned here in 1921. After teaching in the Department of Chemistry in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts for the five succeeding years, he accepted an appointment in the College of Pharmacy, in which he became Associate Professor in 1929 and Professor in 1935.

As a member of the College of Pharmacy faculty, Professor Blicke continued to offer undergraduate instruction in his field; directed the training of master's and doctoral candidates, nearly seventy of whom completed their advanced work under his tutelage; and established himself as a leading research scientist in synthetic organic pharmaceutical chemistry.

The course of his research is recorded in more than one hundred and fifty articles and notes; royalties from the thirty odd patents in which this research issued he loyally assigned to the University. In addition, he co-edited the second, third, and fourth volumes of the compendium Medicinal Chemistry and chaired the Medicinal Section of the American Chemical Society. His close associations with the pharmaceutical industry were of invaluable service to his College, eliciting a liberal proportion of the grants which have made its extensive research program possible and which have smoothed the paths of many able young chemists.

He further found time for duty on the Executive Board of the Graduate School and on the Advisory Committee of the University Senate. In 1957 Professor Blicke received a Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award for his research and graduate teaching. In the spring of last year the University fittingly appointed him Henry Russel Lecturer.

Now conferring on him the title Professor Emeritus of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, the Regents express their esteem for his eminent abilities and their profound gratitude for his faithful service. They trust that he will long partake of the privileges of his