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Frederick F. Schauer
Law School's Law Quadrangle Notes

In July 1984, Frederick Schauer, a visiting professor at the Law School during the 1983-84 academic year, joined the permanent faculty.

A prolific scholar who has established a reputation as one of the nation's leading students of constitutional law, Schauer came to Michigan from the College of William and Mary, where he was the Cutler Professor of Law. He holds A.B. and M.B.A. degrees from Dartmouth College and a J.D. from Harvard University. After graduating from Harvard in 1972, Schauer practiced for two years with the Boston, Massachusetts, firm of Fine & Ambrogne. He began his academic career at West Virginia University in 1974, bringing both the practitioner's experience and the scholar's curiosity to bear on the first subject he probed: obscenity law. The result was his highly regarded 1976 book, The Law of Obscenity.

Indeed, most of Schauer's scholarship - distinguished, says Dean Terrance Sandalow, "by penetrating analysis and a willingness to question conventional wisdom" - has been concerned with problems of freedom of speech. His most recent book, Free Speech: A Philosophical Enquiry, emerged from his year as a senior scholar at Cambridge University and has been widely praised by both legal scholars and philosophers.

From the University of Michigan Law School's Law Quadrangle Notes, V. 29, Iss. 01 (Fall 1984).

In 1990, Schauer left Michigan Law to join the faculty of the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.