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Frank Nelson Blanchard
LSA Minutes

Resolved, That the Regents of the University of Michigan do hereby adopt the following minute concerning the death of Frank Nelson Blanchard, Associate Professor of Zoology, which took place in Ann Arbor on September 21, 1937, and direct their Secretary to include it in the Proceedings of this meeting, and to present an official copy thereof to Professor Blanchard's family.

Frank Nelson Blanchard received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Michigan in 1919, and became a member of its faculty in the same year, as Instructor in Zoology, being promoted to an Assistant Professorship in 1926, and to an Associate Professorship in 1934. His service to the University was marked by brilliant teaching and a steadfast devotion to research in his special field of herpetology; at the same time, his splendid character and unassuming friendliness won for him universal respect and affection. His untimely death came when he was in the prime of his powers and was receiving well-merited recognition for many industrious years of study in the laboratory and in the field, and for the original contributions, which he had made to scientific knowledge. In Professor Blanchard Michigan has lost from its faculty one of its finest scholars.

The Regents unite in profound sorrow with his colleagues and with the many students who have profited by his inspiring teaching, and convey to Mrs. Blanchard and to Professor Blanchard's surviving family their heartfelt sympathy.