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Frank Lincoln Sage
The Michigan Alumnus 17-18

Frank L. Sage is a graduate of the 
law department in the class of 1901. He was called to the law faculty after 
a year spent in practice in Buffalo, 
 N. Y. He was born in Lewistop, 
 N. Y., July 13, 1867. After graduation from the Lockport high school, 
 he attended Mt. Union College at
 Alliance, O., where he received the 
degree of B. S., in 1890. He immediately became principal of the Saginaw, W. S., high school, and continued in this position for nine years. 

In 1899 he came to the University and
 entered the junior class in the law
 school on examination. During the 
past year he has been with the firm of 
Moot, Sprague, Brownell & Marcy, 
 attorneys for the Erie, the Grand
 Trunk, the Wabash, and the Buffalo
 Creek Railways. Professor Sage was 
married November 26, 1890, to Miss 
Ida Miller. 

His work in the law school at present is in the subjects of partnership and 
damages. He will also conduct the 
quiz work in the commercial law 
courses given in the law department.