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Frank F. Maple Jr.
Regents' Proceedings 158

Frank F. Maple, Jr., professor of social work in the School of Social Work, will retire from active faculty status on December 31, 2003.

Professor Maple received his B.A., M.A., and M.S.W. degrees from the University of Michigan in 1951, 1953, and 1963, respectively. He joined the University of Michigan faculty as an assistant professor in 1963 and was promoted to associate professor in 1968 and professor in 1975.

Professor Maple's primary research interests include group and family treatment and interviewing methods for social work. Based on his work in these areas, he published Goal Focused Interviewing, a series of eight interactive computer programs for use in interpersonal practice methods classes. The series included three units on interviewing, two on group treatment, one on marital therapy, and two on family therapy. He was also co-author of the book Creating Groups, and published three other books: Shared Decision Making, Dynamic Interviewing, and Goal Focused Interviewing.

At the W.J. Maxey Boys Training School in Whitmore Lake, Michigan, Professor Maple developed a combined family therapy and group leader model of treatment that was implemented in the school's residential setting. He also created interactive videos designed to train students and professionals to conduct treatment sessions with individuals, families, and groups. These were field-tested by more than 500 students and practitioners and received uniformly high evaluations. He served on numerous University and school committees and was a member of several professional societies including the National Association of Social Workers and the National Education Association.

The Regents now salute this distinguished faculty member by naming Frank F. Maple, Jr., professor emeritus of social work.

Bio - The History of Social Work - Fellin

Frank F. Maple, Jr. was appointed to the faculty as assistant professor under a U.S. Public Health Service grant. Maple came to the school with B.A., M.A., and M.S.W. degrees from the University of Michigan and social work practice in the public schools. Maple taught group work practice for many years, as well as family treatment and school social work. Maple has published in the areas of group composition, school social work, problem solving through shared decision making, goal-focused interviewing, and creation of groups. Known as a superlative and innovative teacher, Maple has produced texts, videotapes, and computer software programs in the area of individual and family treatment and social groups. Maple was named professor emeritus of social work by the Board of Regents in 2003. Maple resides in Ann Arbor and continues to teach on a part-time basis at the school.