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Francis Buckley Vedder
The Michigan Alumnus 342

With sailing as his chief recre
ational hobby, Francis Bulkley Vedder, '16, '18d, e'14-'15, Pro
fessor of Dentistry and Secretary of 
the School of Dentistry, divides his
 work between the Dental Clinic
 and his private office near the Cam
pus. He was born at Rushville, 
Illinois, May 4, 1892, and attended 
Lake Forest College for one-year 
before entering the University of
 Michigan in 1912. During the 
summers at this time, Vedder used
 to travel by horseback in the South 
for D. M. Ferry & Company of

In the first World War he was a member of the Medical
 Reserve Corps. Upon graduation, 
 in 1918, Dr. Vedder served as demonstrator, and later Instructor and
 Assistant Professor in Dental Tech
nics. In 1925 he was made Assist
ant Professor of Crown and Bridge
Prosthesis; he became Associate
 Professor three years later; and in
 1933, he was advanced to full Pro
fessor. In 1935, Dr. Vedder assumed full charge of the Depart
ment of Crown and Bridge Prosthe
sis, and since 1923, he has been 
Secretary of the Dental Faculty. 
 He has also served as Secretary of 
the Executive Committee of the
 Dental faculty for the past seven

He married Freda Elizabeth 
Zorn, '16, and their two daughters
 are both Michigan girls—Elizabeth
 Ann, '41arch, is now Mrs. Richard
 Chadwick, and the mother of a 
baby daughter; while Mary Jean is 
in the Class of 1945. Dr. Vedder 
and his family live at 2033 Norway
 Road, Ann Arbor.

Besides being 
a Fellow of the American College
 of Dentists, he is a member of Del
ta Sigma Delta, Omicron Kappa
 Upsilon, Delta Upsilon, Rotary and