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Floyd R. Mechem
The Michigan Alumnus 10-17

Floyd R. Mechem who has been
 Tappan Professor of law since 1892, 
 has resigned to go to the new law
 school of Chicago University. The 
call was extended to Professor Mechem a year ago, at which time he refused 
it largely because of his duty to the 
newly founded Michigan Law Review, 
 of which he was the first editor. 

When the invitation was repeated, 
 after the Michigan Law Review had
 been safely established, he felt free to
 accept it with the much larger salary 
accompanying it. Another thing in
fluencing him was the fact that the 
Chicago law department requires a
 college degree for admission and con
sequently its students may be expected 
to come to their work with greater fitness for methodical study than
 those schools on a broader entrance 

Professor Mechem is a teacher
 by genius; but he is also an author, 
 and whatever would lighten for him
 the hard work that always accompanies teaching, would give him
 greater opportunity for work on his 
books. He has published the follow
ing volumes: Agency, Public Officers, 
 Mechem's Hutchinson on Carriers, 
Cases on Agency, Cases on Partner
ship, Elements of Partnership, Cases
 on Damages, and many articles in 
legal publications.