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Classroom Profile

Floyd A. Peyton
The Michigan Alumnus 310

FLOYD A. PEYTON, Sc.D.'33, Pro
fessor of Dentistry (Dental Mater
ials), teaches courses involving the
 physical characteristics of restorative
 dental materials, but he is also serv
ing as director of numerous research 
projects over in the Dental School
 sponsored by the office of Naval Re
search and the U. S. Public Health
 Service. These series of projects involve study in an effort to improve
 characteristics of restorative materi
als in dental operations.

 Peyton was born in Charleston, Indiana. He earned the A.B. degree
 at Indiana University, and the M.S.
 from the Michigan College of Mining
 and Technology, where he was a 
teaching assistant. He joined the
University of Michigan faculty as a
 lecture assistant in chemistry in 1930,
 and three years later he joined W.V.B.
 Ames Dental Cement Company in 
Fremont, Ohio, but rejoined the

University faculty in 1935 as Instructor 
in Dental Metallurgy. He remained 
with the University until 1945, when
 he joined the staff of the University 
of Texas. For three months that year,
 he served as Visiting Professor at the
 University of San Carlos in Guatemala
 City. He was a member of the Texas
 faculty until returning to the Univer
sity of Michigan as a Professor in
 September 1948. Professor Peyton 
is co-author of the text, "The Resins 
Used In Dentistry," with S. D. Tyl
man, of the University of Illinois, and
 he is a contributor to the "American
 Textbook Of Operative Dentistry,"
 edited by A. B. Gabel. He also has 
prepared articles for numerous peri
odicals. Besides being an honorary
 member of the American Dental As
sociation, he is a member of the In
ternational Association of Dental Re
search, Sigma Xi, Alpha Chi Sigma,
 Gamma Alpha and the American
 Chemical Society. When time per
mits, he does Boy Scout work, and 
for a number of years has served on 
the local council, working with adults,
 and on various troop committees. He
 also enjoys outdoor activities and
 making home movies. He is married 
to the former Beatrice Stodden,
 '32-34, '35-36, and they have two
 sons, ages nine and a half and twelve years.