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Floyd Alburn Firestone
University of Michigan: An Encyclopedic Survey 696

It has always been the policy of the Department of Physics to co-operate to the fullest extent with other departments and research units whenever this can be done to advantage. For example, the Department of Engineering Research, since its organization, has maintained an extensive program in physics and has occupied space in the Randall Laboratory.

One member of the departmental staff is assigned to each research project as consultant. These projects originate with various industrial organizations and have included such problems as noise reduction in automobiles and other mechanisms, the development of devices for testing and inspecting bearing surfaces, the improvement of spark plugs and ignition apparatus, and the spectrum analysis of steel and of metallic alloys.

Judged by the satisfaction of its clients, the staff has a high record of success in the field of applied physics. Floyd Alburn Firestone (Cast ’21, Ph.D. Michigan ’31) was appointed in 1923 as the first research physicist under this program, but since 1926 has been a member of the regular staff. Most of his contributions are in the field of acoustics, with particular emphasis upon industrial applications.