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Findlay C. Penix
Regent's Proceedings 964

Findlay C Penix, Professor of Education, retired from Retirement active faculty status as of December 31, 1980. He had an active career as a recognized educator in the fields of elementary school curriculum, social studies, and teacher education.

A native of Washington, Professor Penix completed his A.B. degree in English and Education at Eastern Washington University in 1941, his M.A. degree in Curriculum Development in 1948 from Columbia University and his Ph.D degree at Northwestern University in 1955.

Professor Penix began his teaching in the Vancouver Public Schools in 1941 but then served in the U.S. Army Infantry, rising from the rank of Private to Captain. He resumed teaching in 1947 in the Pearl River, New York Public Schools. From 1949-53, he served as an Instructor in Education at the State University of New York (Potsdam) and from 1953-55 held a similar position at Northwestern University. Professor Penix came to The University of Michigan in 1955 as an Assistant Professor of Education, was promoted to Associate Professor in 1963, and to Professor in 1970.

At the University he taught both graduate and undergraduate students offering courses in general elementary teaching methods, elementary school curriculum, and elementary school social studies. Professor Penix authored many articles about social studies education for The Elementary School Journal and Social Education. With Jonathon C. McLendon he co-authored Teaching the Social Studies, published by the National Education Association in 1968, and contributed chapters to Current Research in Social Studies and New Challenges in the Social Studies, both edited by Byron Massialas and Frederick F. Smith, and to Readings on Elementary Social Studies: Prologue to Change, edited by Jon R. Lee and Jonathan C. McLendon. He was often asked to review the work of other authors in the field and frequently edited publications for Science Research Associates, the Macmillan Publishing Company, Allyn and Bacon, Inc., and McGraw-Hill Publishing Company.

At the School of Education, Dr. Penix served as Coordinator of the Elementary Directed Teaching Program from 1963 until his retirement and chaired the Student Teaching Committee for ten years. Over the years he served on other committees as well. Professor Penix' expertise was frequently sought at the State level and he served on a number of State committees. The quality and quantity of his consultant and survey services to school districts in Michigan have been impressive. Additionally, Dr. Penix served on the NCATE accreditation team.

For the above accomplishments and his exemplary record as an educational leader and faculty member, the Regents salute Findlay C. Penix by naming him Professor Emeritus of Education.