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Evans Holbrook
Regent's Proceedings 955

The Board directed the inclusion in the record of the following statement prepared and presented by the President:

I report with deep regret the death on June 6, 1932, of Professor Evans Holbrook of the Law School, which occurred very unexpectedly as the result of shock sustained when the automobile in which he was a passenger collided with another car. I recommend the adoption of the following resolution, a copy of which should be sent to Professor Holbrook's family:

Evans Holbrook, Professor of Law in this University, was an alumnus of the Law School of the University of Michigan and had been a member of its faculty since 1905. Thus, by his sudden death on June 6, 1932, a fruitful period of twenty-seven years' service was terminated. A skillful and much-loved instructor, a writer on legal subjects, and a valuable associate in the administration of the Law School, Professor Holbrook will long be remembered for his upright, lovable character and his genius for friendship with his colleagues and his students. He took a leading part in the development of the Michigan Union and shares the credit for the successful conduct of the campaign which resulted in the erection of its present home; his continued association with the Union as financial secretary aided greatly in establishing it on a sound basis and permitting it to operate efficiently.

The Regents of the University of Michigan have adopted this resolution, and incorporated it in their Proceedings, in order to record their profound sorrow at the loss of this faithful alumnus and valued teacher; and they herewith convey their heartfelt sympathy to Professor Holbrook's surviving family.