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Ethel McCormick
Regent's Proceedings 1021

Ethel Agnes McCormick, Social Director of Women at The University of Michigan for the last twenty-eight years, and before that Instructor and Assistant Professor of Physical Education for Women, is retiring from her work after having given such significant meaning and purpose to the social life of undergraduate women that her period of service (1930-58) bears her name in the history of the Women's League.

A born teacher, "Miss Mac," as she is affectionately called by thousands of students, taught in the rural schools of Ogemaw County and in the public schools of Battle Creek and Detroit before joining the faculty of the University in the Department of Physical Education for Women. Her ability to plan clearly, to transmit her ideas to students, and to inspire them to constructive action is the marks of her genius. These qualities in her are emphasized in the eligibility requirements for the Ethel A. McCormick Scholarships named for her by the Undergraduate Council of the University of Michigan League in 1936.

The Regents extend to Miss McCormick their best thanks for her many contributions to the sound growth of student life at this University. They confer upon her the title Social Director Emeritus of Women. Office of the Dean of Women, and invite her to enjoy the courtesies that are customarily shown emeritus members of the faculty.