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Ernst Albert Pohle
The Michigan Alumnus 493

About a year ago Dr. Hugh Cabot met Dr.
 Ernst Albert Pohle, in Cleveland. During their
 conversation Dr. Pohle said that he had always liv
ed in a university atmosphere and would gladly re
turn to opportunities for research, even at a financial
 sacrifice. So Dr. Pohle is now Assistant Professor
 of Roentgenology and X-Ray and is enjoying all of 
the research facilities of the New University Hospi
tal. He received his M. D. at Frankfort-on-Main 
in 1920, was on the Staff of the City Hospital in
 Wiesbaden in 1921, and then in the Dessauer Insti
tute for Roentgenology at the University of Frank
fort. In 1923 he was invited by Dr. Hickey to lec
ture in the United States on the X-Ray and re
mained at the Mt. Sinai Hospital in Cleveland until
 rescued from affluence by Dr. Cabot and brought 
to Ann Arbor to work in the X-Ray, Radium and
 Telio-Therapy Department.