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Walter To Succeed Dean J. A. Bursley

Erich A. Walter
The Michigan Alumnus 498

'21, g'21-'23, Associate Dean of 
the Literary College, has been named 
by the Board of Regents to succeed 
Dean of Students Joseph A. Bursley, 
'99e, g'03-'04, g'11-'12, who will go on
 retirement furlough in February.

Dean Bursley joined the University 
faculty as an Instructor in Mechanical
 Engineering in 1903, and has served
 on the staff ever since, being promoted
 to full Professor in 1917, and Dean 
of Students in 1921. He was the first 
person ever to hold the position of 
Dean when the office was created by
 the late President Burton. His work 
in this capacity has included the in
spection of men's rooming houses, the
 administration of the automobile regu
lation imposed by the Regents, the 
auditing of the accounts of student
 organizations, the supervision of the 
financial affairs and of eligibility rules 
for participation in extra curricular 
affairs other than athletic events, and 
the maintenance of a personal record
 card for each student.

In an ex-officio capacity. Dean 
Bursley is Chairman of the Commit
tee on Student Affairs and of the
 Committees on Student Conduct and on the Honors Convocation. In the
 same capacity he is a member of the 
University Senate, University Coun
cil, the deans' conference, Board in
 Control of Student Publications, the 
Committee on Theatre Policy and 
Practice, the Executive Committee of 
the Inter-fraternity Council and the 
Orientation Period Committee.

Dean Walter joined the faculty in
 1919 as an Instructor in Rhetoric, and 
has been an Associate Professor of 
English since 1935. A year before 
that time he was named Assistant to 
the Dean of the Literary College, and
 in 1935, was also appointed as an
 Academic Counselor. Two years later 
he was designated Chairman of the
 Academic Counselors of the Literary 
College, and in 1938 he became As
sistant Dean. He has served as an 
Associate Dean since last year.
 The duties of Dean Walter have 
been concerned with supervision of 
the academic work of students, and
 have included being Chairman of the
 Administrative Board which decides 
on probations, warnings and expul
sions. He also supervises the granting
 of scholarships in the Literary College.