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Emil Lorch
The Michigan Alumnus 102-109

Emil Lorch, the head of the new 
Department of Architecture, spent his 
early years in Detroit. For two years
 he was in an architect's office in that 
city and afterwards pursued studies 
in the Massachusetts Institute of 
Technology and in Harvard Univer
sity, where he took his Master's de
gree. He then followed lecture 
courses in Ecole des Beaux Arts in

Subsequently he engaged in professional architectural work for 
about five years, a part of the time in
 Boston offices. His teaching exper
ience consists of five years' work, first 
as assistant in architecture at Har
vard, and then as Assistant Professor 
of Architecture at Drexel Institute at 

He was President of 
the Detroit Architectural Club for 
three years, first vice-president of the 
Chicago Architectural Club for one
 year, and corresponding secretary of 
the American Architectural League 
for one year. He was also Chairman 
of the Committee on Education of the 
latter organization. He is also a mem
ber of the American Art Association
 of Paris. Professor Lorch was a del
egate to the First International Con
gress of Public Architects held at 
Brussels, in August 1898. He is also
 an honorary member of the Ameri
can Institute of Architects.