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U of M Honorary Degree

Emil Lorch
Regents' Proceedings 1348


EMIL LORCH, architect, educator, historian. Professor Emeritus of Architecture, he was the first Chairman of the Department of Architecture and the first Director of the College of Architecture. His leadership, his vision, and his indefatigable spirit created the College. His inquiring mind and his intellectual acumen gathered about him a faculty that reflected his courage to examine new theories, new ideas. His constructive influence is active today in the Michigan registration law for architects, which he helped to write, the National Council for Architectural Registration Laws, which he organized, and the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, which he helped to found; it is active in the arrangement of our University buildings, for which he drew the general plan in 1907; in the Ann Arbor Art Association, of which he was the first president. Upon retirement from the University faculty in 1940, Professor Lorch, as Chairman of the Michigan Advisory Committee of the Historic American Building Survey, continued the work he and his staff had begun in 1933. Today he characteristically is a member of the planning group of the Committee on the Preservation of Historic Buildings of the American Institute of Architects. At eighty-six he loves life and appreciates its beauty. The University of Michigan, to which he devoted his life and into which he built his strength, salutes him affectionately.