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Elzada Urseba Clover
Regents' Proceedings 628

ELZADA URSEBA CLOVER, Professor of Botany and Curator in the Botanical Gardens, completed her retirement furlough at the end of the past University year and became eligible for an emeritus appointment.

Before settling upon a career in botany, Professor Clover taught in and administered public schools in Texas and in her native Nebraska and supervised an Indian mission school in Texas. During interim periods she continued her college work at the Peru State Normal School, now Peru State College, from which she was graduated in 1930. Coming to Ann Arbor in 1931, she earned her master's degree in 1932 and her doctorate, with a thesis on the vegetation of the Lower Rio Grande, in 1935. In the following year the University appointed her Instructor in Botany and Assistant Curator in the Botanical Gardens. She rose through the several intervening ranks to become Curator in 1957 and Professor in 1960.

Throughout her years here, Professor Clover steadily enhanced her knowledge of cacti and other desert vegetation. In pursuit of that interest she made frequent expeditions to the southwestern United States; during one of these trips she and one associate became the first women to complete the hazardous boat trip through the canyon of the Colorado River. The superb cactus collection at the Botanical Gardens is her continuing monument. The fruits of her annual course in applied botany, which attracted to her Department a number of now eminently successful botanists, form a monument yet more enduring. At the Biological Station, her course in taxonomy and the research which she directed or personally undertook reflected both her wide practical knowledge and her unfailing vitality. Her sympathy and enthusiasm were further efficaciously felt in her counseling and committee work, in her sponsorship of "The Botany Club," and in her many public appearances through the state and region.

Appointing her now Professor Emerita of Botany, the Board of Regents extend to her their warmest thanks for her devoted professional service. They express as well the affectionate esteem of her colleagues and of the entire University for her delightful personal qualities.