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Elmer Rolland Townsley
Regents' Proceedings

The President reported the sudden death in Ann Arbor on July 18, 1942, of Dr. Elmer Rolland Townsley, Assistant Professor of Physical Education, and in accordance with the President's recommendation the following memoir and resolution were adopted:

Elmer Rolland Townsley, a native of Vincennes, Indiana, an alumnus of this University (B.S. '33; M.D. '39; A.M. '41), and since 1929 a member of the staff in Physical Education, died suddenly on July 18, 1942, while engaged in the active pursuit of his duties as Assistant Professor of Physical Education.

A loyal son of this University, thoroughly trained for his profession, respected and admired by his colleagues and students, Dr. Townsley's unexpected death profoundiy shocked our entire community and interrupted a career which had already contributed valuably to the interests of this University and held great promise for the future. Therefore be it

Resolved, By the Regents of the University of Michigan, that they hereby record their deep sorrow for the death of Dr. Elmer Rolland Townsley, and their appreciation of the loss which the University, his friends, and his family have sustained thereby, and that a copy of this resolution be transmitted to Dr. Townsley's surviving family in token of the Regents' sincere sympathy with them in their great bereavement.