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Elmer Dayton Mitchell
Regent's Proceedings 1022

Elmer Dayton Mitchell, Professor of Physical Education and Chairman of the Program of Physical Education for Men, attained his seventieth year on September 6, 1959, and entered upon his retirement. He was in charge of the Required Physical Education Program for Men and the Intramural Sports Program. As head, also, of the Teacher Education Program in Physical Education, he contributed significantly to the extension of graduate study in that area.

His professional interests ranged from the practice of particular sports to the architecture of school physical-education plants. His publications included books on the theory and practice of athletic games and articles for professional journals on the place of athletics and physical training in American education and culture.

During the Second World War, he helped to establish and administer programs of recreation and physical training for the Army and Navy; he himself served actively in the Navy from 1943 to 1945, rising to the rank of Commander. He has been president of the College Physical Education Association, executive secretary of the American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, and consultant to the National Education Association and the National Congress of Parents and Teachers. Among the honors of national significance, which have come to him was the Luther Gulick Award for distinguished service. The Regents express their profound thanks to Professor Mitchell for the services which he has so ably performed, and confer upon him the titles Professor Emeritus of Physical Education and Chairman Emeritus of the Program of Physical Education for Men.