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Elizabeth Carroll Wivel Dowler
School of Nursing

Elizabeth Carroll Wivel Dowler, R.N., Assistant to Instructor of Principles and Practice of Nursing and Assistant to Director of Nursing

Diploma, University of Michigan Hospital School of Nursing, 1927; B.S., Teachers College, Columbia University, 1935.

Assistant to the Instructor in Nursing, University of Michigan School of Nursing, 1927-1928; Assistant to the Director of Nursing, University Hospital, 1928-1930; Instructor, Vanderbilt University School of Nursing, Nashville, Tennessee, 1932-1933; Superintendent of Nurses and Director of the School of Nursing, Grant Hospital, Chicago, 1938-1942; Superintendent of Nurses, Indianapolis General Hospital, and Director, Indianapolis General Hospital School of Nursing, Indianapolis, Indiana, 1942-1954; Associate Director/Director of Nursing Education, Einstein School of Nursing, Albert Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia, 1954-1971.

While Wivel was superintendent of nurses at Grant Hospital, she originated the idea for a room for expectant fathers there. As she explained in the Chicago Tribune, “Up to this time the expectant father has been regarded as a useless case of nerves at the critical time when the stork is arriving. Now he will have a special room to stay in during this trying period and we will do all we can to keep him calm.” [12 May 1940, p. 5]. During her tenure at Grant Hospital, the student nurse uniform was changed to an all-white uniform without apron. While Wivel served as superintendent of nurses at Indianapolis General Hospital, she was elected vice-president of the Indiana League for Nursing Education (1943) and secretary of the Marion County Nursing Council for War Service (1945).

Elizabeth Carroll Wivel, a native of Quarryville, Pennsylvania and 1924 graduate of Ashtabula (Ohio) High School, retired in 1971 and moved to Sun City, Arizona. In 1984 she was married to Clare X. Dowler in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They resided in Altamonte Springs, Florida, and Dowler died there in 1992 at age 86.