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The First Woman To
 Receive Russel Award

Elizabeth Caroline Crosby
The Michigan Alumnus 159

Professor of Anatomy, has 
been appointed as the Henry Russel 
lecturer for 1945-46, and is the first
 woman to be thus honored since the 
annual appointments were begun in
1925. The honor goes to the faculty
 member adjudged to have made the 
most significant contribution to the 
advancement of the field in which he
 or she is specializing. In addition to 
the honor of giving the Henry Russel 
Lecture next May, the selection also 
includes a stipend paid from the en
dowment established by Henry Russel
 of Detroit. 

An internationally recognized au
thority in the field of neuro-anatomy, 
 Dr. Crosby has been a member of the 
University of Michigan faculty since 
1920, when she was named an Instruc
tor in Anatomy. She was promoted 
to Assistant Professor in 1926, Associate Professor three years later, and 
to Professor in 1936. Dr. Crosby 
teaches neuro-anatomy to freshmen and graduate medical students. In her 
research work, she has specialized in 
the study of the nervous system, the 
nuclear masses in the brain, and the 
fiber connections of the cell groups. In
 this connection she has conducted ex
tensive research in the phylogenetic 
development of the brain in all the
 vertebrates, including man.

In addition to writing a 2,000-page
 study of the comparative anatomy of 
the nervous systems of vertebrates, Dr.
 Crosby has written several other tech
nical publications. In the former, Dr. 
Crosby did the work in conjunction
 with Dr. C. V. Ariens-Kappers, of the 
Institute for Brain Research at the 
University of Amsterdam, and the late 
G. Carl Huber, '87m, of the Univer

At present Dr. Crosby is on the 
editorial board of the "Journal of 
Comparative Neurology", and she
 edited the Journal's Huber Memorial
 Volume in 1936, which honored Dr. 
Huber, Dean of the Graduate School 
and Director of the Department of
 Anatomy until his death in December,