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Carries Forward Projects

Elizabeth Caroline Crosby
The Michigan Alumnus 385

Carries Forward Projects Launched By Beloved Carl Huber

, during her association with the late G. 
 Carl Huber, Dean of the Graduate School and a former Presi
dent of the Alumni Association, frequently was called his "right hand 
man." There are, of course, many reasons why Dean Huber will never 
be forgotten on the Michigan Campus, but up in the Laboratory of 
Comparative Neurology, on the fourth floor of the East Medical
 Building, he seems actually to be present.

Dr. Crosby, his associate in 
neurological research for so many years, with others of her group, sees 
to it that Dr. Huber's work goes on; that his plans are being carried
 out; that his unfinished projects are being completed as the months go 
by. The hope of his admirers to honor him through the publication of 
the Huber Memorial Volume took definite form through Dr. Crosby's 
devotion and industry and she has reason to be proud of that re
markable book.

She also has collaborated with Dr. Huber and Pro
fessor C. V. Ariens Kappers, Director of the Central Institute for 
Brain Research at Amsterdam, in the preparation of a huge two-vol
ume reference work on comparative neurology.

Dr. Crosby came to 
Michigan as an Instructor in 1920; now is Professor of Anatomy and
 is in charge of the graduate work being done in the Laboratory of 
Comparative Neurology. Several of the present research group who
 began their work under Dr. Huber and herself were contributors to the 
Memorial Volume. Dr. Crosby intended to be a mathematician but a 
course she took in anatomy changed her mind. She graduated from
 Adrian College in 1910 and took her Master's Degree and her Ph.D.
 at the University of Chicago in 1912 and 1916. She once taught in her
 native town of Petersburg, Michigan, and was Superintendent of
 Schools there for a period.