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Eli Lewis Hayes
The Michigan Alumnus 499-513

E. Lewis Hayes, who is to come to the University as Assistant Professor
 of Industrial Education, was born July 2, 1880, at Reed City, Michigan.

 1898 Professor Hayes was graduated from the State Central Normal School, 
in 1901 from the Southern Normal School, and in 1906 he received the
 degree of B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan. 
From 1906 until 1909 he was employed as machinist apprentice in the Pere
 Marquette shops at Ionia. During the ensuing three years he was in the 
Metal Working Department of the Union High School at Grand Rapids, 
 leaving this position to go to the University of Detroit, where he became shop 
coordinator in the Department of Engineering. Since 1914 he has been 
Director of the Technical Department of the Cass Technical High School, 

During the war from September 1918, to December he was Superintendent of Technical Education of the Detroit District, Air Craft Produc
tion, of the War Department.

On June 17, 1908, Professor Hayes was 
married to Miss Ada I. Eglin. They have two children, Eglin Hayes, aged 
ten years and Margaret, aged seven years.

Eli Lewis Hayes resigned in 1940 to accept a position with the State Board of Control for Vocational Education.