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Egbert Theodore Loeffler
The Michigan Alumnus 10-17

In the reorganization of the dental 
school, Dr. Egbert Theodore Loeffler, 
 of Saginaw, was called to the chair of 
materia medica and therapeutics in
 the department.

Dr. Loeffler was born
 in 1861, near Saginaw. After train
ing in the country schools he was 
graduated in 1880 from the Saginaw high school. Following a year's teach
ing of country school, he came to the
 University, and was graduated as
 B.S. (C. E.), in '85. The following
 autumn he entered the dental school. 
 He completed the course in 1888, and
 has been in active practice in Saginaw 
ever since.

In 1897 he was elected 
president of the Michigan Dental
 Association. He has been a member 
of the National Dental Association
 since 1898. For the past two years 
he has been president of the Michigan
 State Board of Examiners in Dentistry. 
 He has served as a member of the
 Saginaw board of education, as chair
man of the committees on teachers, 
text-books, and studies.

During the 
past ten years he has given more or 
less time to the study of medicine in 
general, and has taken most of the 
work offered in the Saginaw Valley 
Medical College.