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Edwin Butterworth Mains
Regents' Proceedings 27

Edwin Butterworth Mains is retiring from the active faculty after thirty years as Professor of Botany and Director of the University Herbarium.

A graduate of the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts in the Class of 1913, he earned his doctorate here in 1916. In the ensuing years, while serving as a botanist with the Agricultural Experiment Station of Purdue University, he established himself as an authority on those plant rusts whose changeling nature has made them at once a scourge to the farmer and a challenge to the mycologist.

In 1930 the University recalled him to assume the offices from which he is now retiring. Since his return, he has added significantly to his own stature and to the sum total of human knowledge in his field. During the latter half of his career, he has devoted also major attention to the fungi, which are parasitic upon insects.

Professor Mains' bibliography contains over a hundred entries; his contribution to the graduate program of his department has been outstanding; under his direction the University's botanical collections have been greatly enriched and their uses productively extended.

The Regents of the University, conferring on him the titles Director Emeritus of the University Herbarium and Professor Emeritus of Botany, together with all perquisites of those titles, express their admiration for his professional attainments and their gratitude for his many faithful services.