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Edgar Noble Durfee
Regent's Proceedings 521

The President reported the retirement of Professor Edgar N. Durfee, of the Law School, effective at the end of the University year 1951-52. The following memoir was adopted for inclusion in these minutes:

The Regents of the University of Michigan hereby express to Edgar Noble Durfee, Professor of Law, upon the occasion of his retirement from active membership in the University faculty, their genuine appreciation of his valuable services, as teacher, scholar, and friendly counselor of many generations of law students, which began in 1911 and terminated with the close of the academic year 1951-52, shortly after his seventieth birthday, May 19, 1952.

Professor Durfee's contribution to the advances made by the Law School during the forty-one years of his association with its faculty has been a notable one. As the author of four casebooks, brilliantly annotated, he has implemented the teaching of the law, and his articles in legal journals have given evidence of the penetrating insight into the abstruse problems of equity jurisprudence, which is the distinctive quality of his scholarship.

His classes have been ably conducted, and his personal qualities of integrity, fairness, loyalty, and cheerful friendliness have made his presence on our campus welcome alike to students, alumni, and his faculty associates.

The Regents therefore extend all good wishes to Professor Durfee and confer upon him the title Professor Emeritus of Law, inviting him to avail himself of all the courtesies customarily shown to emeritus members of the facult