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Classroom Profile

Earnest Boyce
The Michigan Alumnus 518

EARNEST BOYCE, Professor of Municipal and Sanitary Engineering in 
the College of Engineering, and Professor of Public Health Engineering in 
the School of Public Health, last
 month was appointed consultant to the
 Health and Sanitation Section of the
 Institute of Inter-American Affairs, 
 and at the end of this month he will
 present a paper on "The Value of the
 Laboratory to the Sanitary Engineer"
 down in Venezuela.

Mr. Boyce joined 
the University faculty in 1944, and for 
some months taught in the A.S.T.P.
 (Sanitary Corps) on Campus. Just 
prior to joining the faculty, he had
 served for three years as a Senior San
itary Engineer (R), in the Commis
sioned Corps of the U. S. Public
 Health Service.

Professor Boyce was
 born July 11, 1892, and spent his
 childhood on a farm near Winterset, 
 Iowa. He graduated from Iowa State 
College, in 1917, receiving a B.S.C.E. degree, and then he entered service for 
the First World War. He had served
 overseas and attained the rank of Cap
tain before being discharged. Mr. Boyce accepted a position as Assistant 
Engineer on the Kansas State Board 
of Health, in October 1920, after
 spending almost twenty months doing 
highway construction work in Arkansas
 (serving as locating and resident con
struction engineer). In 1924, he was 
promoted to Chief Engineer and Di
rector, Division of Sanitation, Kansas
 State Board of Health, a position 
which he continued to hold until April

While with the Kansas State 
Board of Health, Professor Boyce also 
served on the faculty at the University
 of Kansas. He had received the C.E. degree from Iowa State College in 
1930, and an M.S.E. from Harvard in
 1932. From April 1941, to June 30
 of that year, he served as a civilian
 consultant in charge of water supply
 investigations for the Construction 
Branch, Office of the Quartermaster 
General's Office, Washington, D. C., 
 and then he joined the U. S. Public
 Health Service.

Professor Boyce has
 written several articles for publication 
in engineering and technical journals, 
 and he is a member of Sigma Xi and
 Delta Omega, the American Society of
 Civil Engineers and other technical and
 professional organizations. He is a 
Past President of the Kansas Engineer
ing Society and currently, a member
 of the Section Council, Engineering 
Section, A.P.H.A., Chairman of the 
general committee on Watershed Pro
tection and Maintenance of the Amer
ican Water Works Association. Professor Boyce is married, and has a son, 
 James E. Boyce, also married, who
 served as an officer in the Naval Reserve during the war, and is now 
studying at Oberlin.