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Earl N Riskey
Regents' Proceedings 17

EARL NELSON RISKEY, who has served for forty-one years in the Department of Physical Education for Men, has retired from his active offices at the statutory age of seventy.

Mr. Riskey earned a baccalaurate in Ypsilanti, at the school which is now Eastern Michigan University, and came to The University of Michigan two years later as an Instructor in Physical Education. He was promoted to Associate Supervisor in 1942-in which year he earned also a master's degree-and subsequently to Supervisor and to Director. Last year his title was changed to Professor.

A specialist in intramural sports, Mr. Riskey had charge of the Intramural Program here for an even thirty years. Being fertile of invention and having a capacity for infinite pains, he was able to augment the program continually, sometimes with activities appearing at first exotic or offbeat, and to accommodate ever-increasing complexities of arrangement. Other universities and colleges rendered him the sincerest form of flattery by imitating his patterns of innovation and organization.

His efficient and kindly presence is missed in the Sports Building by students and faculty alike. The Regents of the University, too, would gratefully acknowledge his long and faithful ministry as they name him Professor Emeritus of Physical Education for Men and extend to him their warmest personal good wishes.