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Dorothy E. Booth
Regents' Proceedings 93

Dorothy E. Booth, assistant professor of nursing, retired from active faculty status on September 1, 1997, following 10 years of dedicated service.

Professor Booth received her B.S.N. and M.S.N. degrees from Wayne State University in 1972 and 1974, respectively, and her Ph.D. degree in education from the University of Michigan in 1985. She is certified as a gerontology nurse practitioner and has also earned certificates as a "Specialist in Aging" from Harvard University (1978) and in "Interdisciplinary Geriatric Education" from the University of Michigan (1984). She joined the University of Michigan's School of Nursing as an assistant professor in 1987, following eight years as an assistant professor at Wayne State University (1979-87). In 1995, she was also appointed as an associate fellow at the University of Michigan's Institute of Gerontology.

Professor Booth has received multiple community and academic awards in recognition of her devoted service to gerontological nursing education and practice and to the community of elders. Following her retirement, she plans to continue her collaborative research activities and will also work with the School of Nursing's Office of Student Affairs to assist students of all levels in the preparation of scholarly papers.

For her dedicated service and contributions to the University of Michigan, the Regents now name Dorothy E. Booth assistant professor emerita of nursing.