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Dorothy C W Schroeder
Regents' Proceedings 294

Dorothy C. W. Schroeder, Professor of Social Work, completed twenty-one very active years on the faculty of the University in June of 1972.

Miss Schroeder came to the University in 1951 as an assistant professor; already she had amassed a broad range of experience as a teacher, researcher, and practitioner in her profession. She immediately set about the task of developing a specialization in psychiatric social work, which quickly achieved not only popularity among students but national recognition for its quality.

Professor Schroeder received her academic training at Vassar (A.B. 1927) and Smith colleges (M.S.W. 1936). Her professional experience includes service as Girl Scout Director at White Plains, New York; mental hygienist with the Connecticut State Department of Health; and Assistant Director of the Cleveland Guidance Center.

It did not take the administration of the School of Social Work long to recognize the excellence of Miss Schroeder's contributions and to promote her to associate professor in 1953 and to full professor in 1958. Her career was marked with a particular ability to translate social science theory into a rational practicum for the social work student. She shared her rare talents generously with her colleagues in numerous professional associations and governmental agencies.

The Regents now join her peers and students alike in acclaiming her years of dedication as they bestow upon her the title Professor Emeritus of Social Work.