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Classroom Profile

Donald G. Marquis
The Michigan Alumnus 41

Professor Donald G. Marquis,
 who was appointed Chairman of the
 Department of Psychology in 1945, to 
fill the vacancy created at the time 
of Professor Walter Pillsbury's retire
ment in 1942, early this Fall was 
elected President of the American 
Psychological Association. Since 1943 
he has served as Executive Secretary
 of the Army-Navy National Research
 Council Vision Committee, which is
 now transferred to the University by
 special contract arrangement.

 June 22, 1908, at Two Harbors, Min
nesota, Professor Marquis attended 
high schools in the State of Washing
ton, and spent a year studying at
 Western Washington College of Education. He received his A3, degree at
 Stanford University in 1928, and for 
the next two years was a fellow at that 
university, serving as an assistant in
 neuroanatomy. He was a Knight
 Fellow at Yale, receiving his Ph.D.
 degree in 1932, and during 1932-33 
he was a National Research Fellow in
 neurophysiology at Yale. Professor
 Marquis remained on the Yale faculty
 until coming to Ann Arbor, with the 
exception of a year spent at Oxford
 and London as a Rockefeller Foundation fellow.

At the time of his resig
nation from Yale, he was Chairman
 of the Department of Psychology. Dr.
 Marquis has served as Executive Di
rector of the Office of Psychological Personnel of the National Research 
Council at Washington, D. C, and is
 now an Association representative to 
the Division of Anthropology and 
Psychology of the Council. Last year 
he was elected Secretary of the Amer
ican Psychological Association and
 Chairman of the Division of Physiolo
gical and Comparative Psychology. He 
is the co-author of the textbook, "Con
ditioning and Learning", written with
 E. R. Hilgard and published by Ap
pleton-Century in 1940, and has writ
ten research articles in the field of
 neural mechanism of learning, vision
 and emotion. Professor Marquis is
 married and has two sons, Kent H., 
eight years old, and William J., five
 years old.