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Donald B. Kersten
Regent's Proceedings 327

Donald B. Kersten, professor of art, will retire from active faculty status on June 30, 1994, after a productive career as an artist, designer, and teacher.

Professor Kersten received his B.F.A. degree in 1956 and his M.A degree in 1961, both from Wayne State University. From 1961-64, he worked as an exhibit designer and an interior and graphic designer for such firms as Ford & Earl Associates, Sundberg-Ferar Inc., and General Motors. Professor Kersten joined the faculty of the former College of Architecture and Design at the University of Michigan as an instructor in 1964 to teach basic design, watercolor, and visualization. He was promoted to assistant professor in 1966, associate professor in 1971, and professor in 1976. Since 1974, he has taught drawing, basic design, painting, visualization, graphic design, and aqueous media in the School of Art. He was highly successful in influencing students, due to his dedication to teaching and his rapport with students.

The recipient of two Rackham Research Grants (1973-75 and 1980-83), Professor Kersten's research was directed at advertising in the environment. The first grant, "Signs at the Marketplace," culminated in an exhibit dealing primarily with on-premise advertising. The second grant, "Ad Sites as Planned Elements in the Environment," focused on urban and highway off-premise advertising and generated a proposal for more effective and visually pleasing outdoor advertising.

Professor Kersten's professional activities include architectural delineation, illustration, product design, and identity programs for Detroit and Ann Arbor firms; chancel design and furnishings for Ann Arbor churches; and collaboration on signage programs for Detroit hospital centers. Most recently, he was curator for "One Man's Vision - The Robert L. Sutton Commemorative Exhibit" in the Slusser Gallery of the University of Michigan School of Art. Professor Kersten is also an accomplished and award-winning watercolor artist who has exhibited locally and nationally.

The Regents now acknowledge the contributions of this distinguished and dedicated artist, designer, and teacher by naming Donald B. Kersten professor emeritus of art.