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David A. Reis
Stanford University;

Department of Applied Physics

Condensed Matter Physics

My research interests include ultrafast processes in the solid state and fundamental light-matter interactions. My group investigates nonequilibrium dynamics in solids with atomic level spatial and temporal resolution. Of particular interest are ultrafast dynamics including electron-phonon and phonon-phonon coupling, coherent phonon dynamics, photo-induced phase transitions, thermal transport and most recently strong-field induced attosecond electron dynamics. Our tools include ultrafast optical laser and x-ray sources (as well as ultrafast x-ray lasers such as the Linac Coherent Light Source x-ray free-electron laser at SLAC).

Lasers and Accelerators

My group makes extensive use of ultrafast lasers and optics and accelerator sources of x-rays in our research.
Nanoscience and Quantum Engineering

Our group studies thermal transport across interfaces of dissimilar materials using ultrafast laser and x-ray probes. Fundamentally these processes occur on the nanoscale involving electron and phonon propagation through thin films and interfaces.