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David Locke Webster
The Michigan Alumnus 76-80

David Locke Webster, appointed Assistant Professor of Physics, was 
born November 6th, 1888, at Boston, Massachusetts.

After completing his early training at the Nobles and Greenoughs School in Boston, he entered 
Harvard University from which he was graduated in 1910, with the degree
 of A.B. He received the degree of Ph.D. from Harvard in 1913.

graduation Professor Webster has been teaching physics and mathematics 
at Harvard and doing research work in physics. For the first two years
 and again the fourth, he taught Calculus and Mechanics, assisting Professor Huntington. Since the autumn of 1912 he has conducted lab-
oratory and conference sections in physics under Professor Sabine. In 
1914, he held a temporary position teaching electron theory.

After accepting and starting in with his work at Michigan he was called to Wash
ington by Major Milliken to take a commission in aviation research for the
 Government. For this work he has been granted a year's leave of absence. 

Professor Webster has written several articles, ''On an Electromagnetic
 Theory of Gravitation," "The Existence and the Properties of the Ether"
; "The Theory of the Scattering of X Rays," "The Dimensions of Electric 
and Magnetic Units," "The Effect of Pressure on the Absorption of Light
 in Bromine and Chlorine and Its Theoretical Significence," "Plancks Radia
tion Formula and the Classical Electrodynamics," "The Intensities of 
X-Ray Spectra," "The X-Ray Spectra of Tungsten and Constant Potentials," "The Emission Quanta of Characteristic X-Ray," "A Test for 
X-Ray Refraction Made with Monochromatic Rays," "X-Ray Emissivity
 as a Function of Cathode Potential," "The Intensities of X-Rays of the L.
 Series" (by Professor Webster and Harry Clark), "The Theory of Elec
tromagnetic Mass of the Parson Magnet on and Other Non-Spherical Sys
terms," "Equations as Statements About Things," "Around Cape Cod in 
a Thirteen-Foot Schooner."

Professor Webster was married to Miss 
Anna Cutler Woodman, June 12th, 1912. They have three children, Nancy
 Webster, Helen Webster, and David Locke Webster, Jr.