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David Henry Reider
Regent's Proceedings 341

David H. Reider, Professor of Art, will retire from active faculty status May 31, 1982 after a most prodigious career as teacher, photographer and artist/designer.

A native of Cleveland, David Reider studied art on an undergraduate level at the Cleveland Institute, followed by graduate study at Albright Art School of the University of Buffalo and Millard Fillmore College. Prior to joining the University of Michigan faculty he taught at Cornell University and the University of Buffalo, and undertook free-lance photography and design work for Ford Motor Co., Kenyon Eckardt and Goodrich.

In 1947 he joined our faculty as assistant professor, teaching Photography and Drawing in the former College of Architecture and Design. His contributions to the University of Michigan and the School of Art have been lasting and significant. His reputation as a teacher is prodigious, his rapport with students and dedicated service as counselor and committee member, exemplary. He has an extensive exhibition record, having had one-man shows at the University of Illinois, University of Pennsylvania, University of California at Davis, University of Alabama, University of Washington and others. Professor Reider has earned consistent grant support for his research in Multiple Photographic Imagery and the Creative Role of Light in Photography, traveling throughout Mexico, England and Europe.

The Regents now acknowledge the contribution of this distinguished teacher and artist, whose dedicated service to the university well earns him the title of Professor Emeritus of Art.