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Cynthia Lynne Fenske
U of M School of Nursing


Clinical judgment development
Delirium assessment and prevention
Innovative teaching and learning strategies
Dr. Fenske’s professional and academic career focuses on advancing the science of nursing education through the development of innovative educational strategies and techniques. Her research is in the area of simulation and its impact on clinical judgment development in both pre and post licensure nurses. She is also researching perception of performance compared to actual performance in students and practicing nurses. In her practice area she has developed educational programs aimed at changing nursing practice in nurses in the acute care setting related to the assessment, prevention, detection and treatment of delirium.


Living with diabetes, an experiential learning experience
Improving nursing practice around the detection, prevention, and treatment of delirium
Using innovative teaching methodologies to enhance learning in practicing nurses


Dr. Fenske has been involved in the creation and use of innovative teaching strategies including the use of problem based learning, teaching with a virtual community, and creating various types of simulation to enhance clinical judgment skills in students and practicing nurses. She assisted the faculty in the Clinical Learning Center to develop a variety of simulations for use in the undergraduate program. She received several education grants which she has used to develop a program of teaching innovation and evaluation that supports her program of both scholarship and teaching.