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Curtis Van Voorhees
Regents' Proceedings 184

Curtis Van Voorhees, professor of education, retired from active faculty status on December 31, 1990, after 20 years of service to the University of Michigan.

Professor Van Voorhees received his B.S. degree in 1957 from Western Michigan University, his M.S. degree in 1961 from Northern Illinois University, and his Ed.D. degree in 1968 from Michigan State University. Between 1957 and 1966, he worked as a teacher, principal, and head of counseling in Michigan schools and for two years (1963-65) as an assistant principal/counselor at Chofu High School, an overseas dependent school in Japan. He was a Mott intern from 1966-67, and then served as associate professor at Ball State University from 1969-71, with visiting professor assignments at Bowling Green State University in 1969 and Oregon State University in 1971.

In 1971, Professor Van Voorhees joined the University of Michigan as professor of education and assumed the directorship of the University's Mott Fellow Program. In 1974, when the C. S. Mott Foundation awarded a major grant to the University of Michigan to develop a research program on community education, Professor Van Voorhees was appointed to head this effort as director of the Office of Community Education Research. Over a four-year period, Professor Van Voorhees and his staff conducted studies on community education in communities of different sizes and socio-economic make-up throughhout the United States. They identified leadership skills and the training necessary to acquire these skills and studied the relationship of community education to the development of schools and local communities. The results of these studies were reported in a series of monographs published by the Office of Community Education, with support from the Lilly Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation. He also participated in research sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and the Kellogg Foundation. Among Professor Van Voorhees' other research interests were educational leadership and educational finance. Because of his expertise and communication skills, he was often called upon to speak before teacher and administrator groups. He has acted as consultant to numerous school boards in the United States and Canada and to corporations such as Proctor and Gamble, General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Crain Communications, and Ashland Oil.

The Regents now salute this faculty member by naming Curtis Van Voorhees Professor Emeritus of Education.