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Corwin Robert Wright
Regents' Proceedings 19

Corwin Robert Wright of the School of Dentistry concluded forty-three years on the active faculty this past month and is entering upon his formal retirement.

Born in Detroit in 1906, Dr. Wright came to the University in 1924 and completed his studies toward his dental degree in 1929. He joined the faculty that fall as Instructor in Dentistry and rose through the intervening ranks to a professorship in 1952, with specialization in full denture prosthesis. During the nineteen-thirties he extended his own studies, earning a master's degree in 1937.

Dr. Wright assumed the burden of undergraduate teaching in his specialty when the demand for instruction burgeoned in 1946, and he has since supplied graduate and postgraduate instruction as well. In 1963 he assumed charge of the program of complete denture prosthesis. His research has treated oral physiology, morphology, and pathology, as these are related to denture prosthesis. Skillful in his presentations to his students, he ably publicized also the fruits of his basic and clinical research, being invited to lecture and show his illustrative films in many parts of the United States. In addition, he distilled this material into a text, of which the topic might for present purposes be summarized in laymen's language: the physiology of chewing and what this means to people with false teeth. He actively participated, finally, in School committees treating of present and prospective programs and facilities.

His colleagues in the Dental School are deeply indebted to this single minded and devoted educator and scientist for his most gracious and most faithful service. And the Regents of the University, who now appoint Dr. Wright Professor Emeritus of Dentistry, express to him their own personal gratitude and honor.