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Cleo Murtland
The Michigan Alumnus 67

Her strong urge to travel and mingle with crowds has taken 
Miss Cleo Murtland, Associate Pro
fessor of Vocational Education, to 
nine countries of Europe, Central
 and South America, and 47 states of 
the Union.

Born in Millerstown, 
Pa., now Chicora, May 23, 1873, 
 Miss Murtland is eligible for retire
ment upon her seventieth birthday 
next year. She attended Slippery 
Rock State Normal School, Pa., for 
three years before enrolling at Co
lumbia where she received her A.B. 
degree in 1917 and her M.A. in
 1920. She served as principal of 
several trade schools for girls before 
joining the University staff as Asso
ciate Professor of Vocational Educa
tion in 1919. She served as visiting 
professor at the University of California in 1924.

In the administra
tive field, Miss Murtland organized 
the Worcester, Mass., and Philadel
phia Trade Schools for Girls. She
 was assistant secretary of the Na
tional Vocational Education Associa
tion from 1913-16. She served as 
Chairman of Occupational Research 
in the National Vocational Guidance
 Association from 1932-36, and of 
the Michigan Committee on Public
 Affairs of the National Young
 Women's Christian Association, 
 1925-32. She has contributed to
many vocational journals, industrial
 and educational magazines and occu
pational pamphlets. Miss Murtland 
is a member of Pi Lambda Theta, 
 professional honor society, American
 Academy of Political and Social Sci
ence, National Education Associa
tion, American Vocational Associa
tion, Michigan Industrial Education
 Society, National Vocational Gui
dance Association, National Young
 Women's Christian Association, De
troit Business Women's Club, and 
White House Conference, Vocational 
Guidance Section.

Miss Murtland
 traveled in Europe in 1927 on Sab
batical leave and studied industrial
 conditions in England and France. 
 She traveled extensively in this
 country on her leaves in 1934 and
 1941. In her travels through the 47
 states (all except North Dakota), 
 Miss Murtland has studied schools
 and community life, interviewing
 people of all walks of life. This type
 of traveling is her hobby. Her 24
 years of service on the University 
staff have been significant in their
 contribution in her special field and 
her work in scores of off-Campus 
classes is highly commendable, ac
cording to James B. Edmonson, Professor of Secondary Education and
 Dean of the School of Education.