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Cleo Murtland
Regent's Proceedings 260

The Regents approved the recommendation that Associate Professor Cleo Murtland, of the staff of the School of Education, who will reach retirement age on May 23, 1943, be given the title of Associate Professor Emerita of Education and that her formal retirement be as of June 30, 1943. This date is fixed rather than that of May 29, 1943, because Professor Murtland's work in vocational education, which is carried on for the most part in Detroit, does not end until June 30 although the University's spring term ends on May 29.

The following resolutions were adopted:

WHEREAS, Associate Professor Cleo Murtland, of the School of Education, will attain the age of seventy years on May 23, 1943, and will then become eligible for retirement under the provisions of the Bylaws of the Board of Regents, and

WHEREAS, Professor Murtland, a recognized authority in her field of Vocational Education, a keen student of humanity, and one who, in her personal relationships, has won the good will, respect, and affectionate regard of colleagues and students alike, has for the past twenty-four years contributed importantly to the University's efforts to bring its services directly to those people of the State who are engaged in carrying on its industries, therefore be it

Resolved, By the Regents of the University of Michigan, that the title Associate Professor Emeritus of Education be conferred upon Professor Cleo Murtland on and after May 29, 1943, in recognition of her long years of distinguished and valuable service to this institution, and be it further Resolved, That the Regents express to Professor Murtland their deep appreciation for all that she has accomplished, their felicitations, and their good wishes to her for the future, and that they cordially invite her to avail herself of all the courtesies and privileges customarily extended to emeritus members of the University Faculties.