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Clarence Arnold Siebert
Regents' Proceedings 565

Clarence Arnold Siebert, Professor of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, retired at the end of the 1972-73 academic year and the Regents Retirement now recognize his long and distinguished career with an emeritus appointment.

Dr. Siebert is a Michigan native and received his Bachelor of Science of Engineering degree from Wayne State University in 1930. He then earned both a master's and doctorate in engineering at The University of Michigan in 1931 and 1934 respectively.

He joined the faculty of the University in 1936 as an assistant professor, after having served as a research engineer for the U.S. Rubber Company, and as an instructor at Wayne State University. He was promoted to associate professor in 1943 and to a full professorship in 1943.

Professor Siebert is a particularly good example of an individual who knew well the precept that one's effectiveness as a teacher is in great measure dependent upon the ability to remain in the forefront of one's field, through active research and continuous contact with the practical problems confronting it. He performed admirably on all fronts, being at once an authoritative research metallurgist with the ability to deduce both practical application for industry and innovative course work for his students. It is not surprising then to find him held in such high regard, not only in the University community but in the industrial community as well.

The Regents now salute Professor Siebert for his long and distinguished career at the University as they honor him with the title Professor Emeritus of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering.

Regents’ Proceedings, September 1973, Page 565