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Classroom Profile

Clarence Arnold Siebert
The Michigan Alumnus 442

 PH.D.'34, Professor of Chemical and
 Metallurgical Engineering, joined the
 University faculty as an Assistant Pro
fessor in 1936. Besides his regular
 duties he is currently serving as a 
consulting metallurgical engineer for 
Hondaille Hershey Corporation, work 
that he has done since 1935. For a
 year during the war, Dr. Siebert was
 on leave of absence as Chief Metallurgical Engineer at the Garfield Plant
 of the Manhattan Project.

Born in 
Detroit, Dr. Siebert was graduated 
from Northwestern High School there
 and then entered Wayne University 
where he became a member of Theta
 Xi, Sigma Xi, Phi Lambda Upsilon and 
Iota Alpha organizations. He earned 
his B.S.E. degree at Wayne in 1930, 
 and later, while studying at the University of Michigan he spent some time 
as a research engineer with the United
 States Rubber Company.

Dr. Siebert is
 co-author (with Professor Albert E.
 White of the University faculty) of 
the book entitled "Low-Temperature
 Properties of Metals," and is the 
author of other publications in the
 field of physical metallurgy.

He is cur
rently a member of the Council for the 
Detroit Section of the American
 Society for Testing Materials, is on the
 Executive Committee for the Detroit
 Section of the American Institute of
 Metallurgical Engineers, and is Fac
ulty Advisor of the student section of
 the latter at the University. In addi
tion, Dr. Siebert is a member of the
 American Society for Metals, the National Association of Corrosion Engi
neers and the American Society of En
gineering Educators.

He was married 
to the former Martha Mclntosh, '34,
 in 1946, and they have a six-months-
old daughter. When time permits, Pro
fessor Siebert enjoys hunting and fish
ing as a hobby.