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Chauncey F. Korten
Regents' Proceedings 1116

CHAUNCY F. KORTEN, professor of Art, has retired from active faculty status as of May 31, 1984, after a scintillating career as an expert in the field of advertising design.

Professor Korten joined The University of Michigan faculty in 1967, directly from his role as an executive of the Kenyon Eckhardt Agency in New York City in 1966. He was also a design consultant for Daiwa, U.S.A., and the Forward Planning Group of Daiwa-Seiko, Japan. Working with Professor Don Gooch, he revitalized the program in advertising design in a remarkably short time. Professor Korten began that unique multi-discipline program which combined art, film, marketing, design, communications, and journalism in one extended course known in the School of Art as "The Advertising Workshop." Students divided into teams with requisite expertise in many fields, and served as "mini" advertising agencies, launching advertising campaigns for real clients with real problems. The Burn Institute of Ann Arbor, the American Cancer Society, and Ford Motor Company are examples of the sponsors who supported the work of Professor Korten and his students over the years. He plans to devote much time to his own research and consulting while shuttling between his homes in Block Island and New York City to all comers of the globe.

The Regents now acknowledge the contribution of this distinguished teacher and artist by naming him Professor Emeritus of Art.