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Catherine Leighton Bigelow
The Michigan Alumnus 74-78

Catherine Leighton Bigelow, who 
comes to the University as Director 
of Physical Training for Women, was 
born at Great Falls, N. H., in 1878. Her home, however, has always been
 near Boston, where she was graduated 
from the Norwood High School and
 in 1897 from the Boston Normal
 School of Gymnastics, which has now 
become the Department of Hygiene 
and Physical Training of Wellesley 
College. She then became assistant 
in the same institution and later in
structor in Madame Osterberg's Phys
ical Training College at Dartford, 

She returned to America
 as Director of Physical Training at 
the State Normal School at Hyannis, 
 Mass., later giving up this position
 to become instructor in physical train
ing at the West Roxbury High School 
at Boston, Mass. The year 1907-08, she spent in study at the University
 of Chicago under leave of absence. 

She is a member of the American
 Physical Education Association, and
 an honorary member of Madame Os
terberg's Society of Trained Gymnas
tic Teachers, as well as of the Alum
ni Association of the Boston Normal
 School of Gymnastics.