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Carl Irwin Brahce
Regent's Proceedings 130

Associate Professor Carl Irwin Brahce retired from The University of Michigan on May 31, 1984 after serving the University for twenty years. During his tenure, he played a major role in the development of the University's distinguished programs in the field of educational gerontology. As a faculty member in the School of Education and a research scientist in the Institute of Gerontology, Professor Brahce paid close attention to the application of research in the field of aging to the solution of community-based problems confronting elderly citizens.

Following a successful career as a journalist in Iowa, Illinois and Michigan, where he served as a consultant to the Mott Foundation and the Flint Board of Education, Professor Brahce became a university staff member in 1965. He directed the University Center for Adult Education, Ann Arbor Program, prior to joining the faculty of the School of Education and the staff of the Institute of Gerontology in 1972.

Professor Brahce was director of several major state and federally funded applied research and demonstration projects in the fields of gerontology and retirement education. These projects addressed such issues as the development of professional manpower to serve the needs of seniors, community college programming for seniors, and field-based training for human service providers to the elderly. From these several projects flowed a series of publications that have gained wide currency among practitioners throughout the country.

For the above achievements and contributions, the Regents grant Carl Irwin Brahce the title of Associate Professor Emeritus of Education.