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Carl D. Johnson
Regents' Proceedings 244

Carl D. Johnson, professor of landscape architecture in the College of Architecture and Urban Planning, will retire from active faculty status on May 31, 1989.

After earning his B.S. degree at Michigan State University in 1951, Professor Johnson began his career as a landscape architect in Dallas, Texas. In 1961, he was a founding partner of Johnson, Johnson, and Roy of Ann Arbor, a landscape architecture and urban design firm that soon became known as one of the nation's premier firms in land use planning, urban design and resource conservation and management. As design principal in the firm, Professor Johnson has received more than 100 prestigious awards for his professional work. In 1979, he was named Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects.

Professor Johnson began teaching at the University of Michigan in 1960 as a visiting lecturer. He was promoted to professor of landscape architecture in 1964. For 29 years, Professor Johnson taught the introductory site planning course required of all architecture students. Since 1960, every architecture student has benefited from his remarkable skill as a teacher and his rare sensitivity to people and the physical environment. Known to students everywhere, he has presented guest lectures at many architecture and landscape architecture schools throughout this continent. Since 1960, the University of Michigan has directly benefited from the planning and design skills of Professor Johnson. Following extensive studies of the North Campus and the Medical Center, he developed the Central Campus Study of 1963. This plan summarized many of the basic campus development principles essential to the orderly, long-range, physical growth of a complex academic community, and it continues to serve as the basis for physical development of the University. Professor Johnson is internationally known as a talented landscape architect. His teaching skills and extensive professional experience have been invaluable to the University.

The Regents happily salute this exemplary member of the University community by naming Carl D. Johnson Professor Emeritus of Landscape Architecture.