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Calvin H. Kauffman
Regents' Proceedings 692

Calvin H. Kauffman, Professor Emeritus of Botany and Director Emeritus of the University Herbarium, whose death occurred on June 14, 1931, was a member of the Faculty of the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts of the University of Michigan for nearly twenty-seven years, during which time his researches in mycology brought him international recognition and conferred distinction upon his department.

Dr. Kauffman was a graduate of Harvard University and a student, also, at Cornell University, but received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy from this university in 1906 and since 1904 had been a teacher here. He was made Professor of Botany in 1923, and was known as a particularly successful director of advanced students, who valued him for his own mastery of his subject and his ability to introduce others to the methods of original investigation.

The news that he had been suddenly stricken by illness over a year ago, while still in the full vigor of his intellectual powers, brought sadness to his friends in Ann Arbor and to former students throughout the country.

The Regents of the University of Michigan hereby record their appreciation of Professor Kauffman's eminent services to this institution and the profound sorrow with which his death has moved them, and they furthermore direct that this resolution shall be recorded in their proceedings and that a copy thereof be transmitted, as a mark of their sympathy, to Professor Kauffman's family.