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Calvin H. Kauffman
The Michigan Alumnus 56

Calvin Henry Kauffman, Assistant
 Professor of Botany, was born in 
Lebanon, Pennsylvania, March 10, 
1869. He graduated from Harvard in
1896. Later he worked in the grad
uate schools of the University of Wis
consin, Cornell University and the
 University of Michigan. From Mich
igan he received his Ph.D. in 1907.

 taught in the public schools of Leb
anon, Pa., Decatur, Ind., and Bush
nell. Ill. In 1902 he became Assistant 
in Botany at Cornell; in 1904 Instruc
tor of Botany in the University of 
Michigan, and in 1911 Assistant Pro
fessor of Botany. Professor Kauff
man is a member of the Botanical So
ciety of America, of Botanists of the
 Middle West, of American Chemical 
Society, the Phytopathological Socie
ty, and Michigan Academy of Science. 
 He has published a great many arti
cles in Michigan Academy of Science, 
 The Annual of Botany, and the Jour
nal of Mycology.

September 3, 1895, 
 he married Elizabeth Catherine Wolf.